We propose possibilities for ceramics in combination with the unique shapes a 3D printer creates as well as the advantages of ceramics.

3D printers are expected to bring about a production revolution and are increasingly used in a wide range of areas from resin materials to metallic materials and from modeling applications to practical application parts.
Among them, there are many technical matters related to the applications of a 3D printer for ceramic materials, and applications with ceramic materials have fallen behind other materials.
SK Fine Co., Ltd., developed 3D printers for ceramics early on and released these products onto the market first in Japan.
In addition, we use our 3D ceramic printers to promote the development of 3D printing processes for ceramic parts according to need.
We look to enhance the uniqueness of 3D printers and promote the advantages of ceramics, establish new markets and contribute to future society in collaboration with our customers.

SK Fine Co., Ltd., was established as a subsidiary of SHASHIN KAGAKU Co., Ltd., on October 17, 2018 with the aim of commercializing 3D ceramic printing.
SK Fine Co., Ltd., manufactures and sells 3D printers as well as 3D printed ceramic parts according to market needs based on equipment and materials formulation technology (classification, agitation and molding) developed by SHASHIN KAGAKU Co., Ltd.

Business Flow of SK Fine